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Data Collection and Reporting Procedures

If you’re looking for a system that allows you to collect data the way you want look no further.

AccuPoint Big Data is the only ABA data collection module that is fully integrated with the rest of your practice management solution. In one place, you can now handle your scheduling, payroll, billing, compliance, and data collection functions!

Big Data, developed in conjunction with  HMEA Inc,  Is the most flexible and comprehensive data collection package on the market. 

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Digital Mobile Data Program

With AccuPoint Big Data, you can take data on any iPad or Android tablet whether you have an internet connection or not. Your staff will have all the information they need at their fingertips including Behavior Support Plans, Client Notes, and Program Sheets. Additionally, they will be able to take data in an intuitive manner that is easy to operate in even the most hectic of environments.

Our smart prompt fading algorithm will save your BCBA’s time and ensure that your kiddo’s are constantly being challenged and encouraged to grow based on your programming methodologies.

Furthermore, easy program switching makes AccuPoint big data optimal for group or school settings as well!

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