Billing Software for ABA Therapy

Simplify and streamline the claims and payment process for your ABA practice. Get paid faster and maximize your revenue!​

Billing is Solved with AccuPoint 2.0

Collect Payments:

  • Create, print, and email invoices and superbills
  • Add multiple invoices and quickly print and send them
  • Start accepting credit card payments – easy setup and no additional fees!
  • Securely charge multiple credit cards
  • Save cards on file and improve your cash flow
  • Clients can use the Client Portal on mobile to make credit card payments

Get Paid on Time:

  • Quickly and easily submit claims through a clearinghouse
  • Send ERA/EOB automatically
  • Track write-offs, client credits, balances and more with our Client Ledger
  • Easily keep track of insurance claims
  • Submit multiple claims with a single click

Simplify Billing:

  • Create, print, and download CMS-1500 forms
  • Generate daily billing reports, e.g. invoice aging for outstanding bills and staff billing reports for payroll management
  • Keep track of current CPT Codes & CPT Code Modifiers
  • Carry out your treatment with 1000 prewritten treatment goals, objectives and progress notes

What Accupoint 2.0 Offers:

AccuPoint 2.0 has everything you need to run an efficient ABA Therapy practice

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