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Insurance Claim Management for ABA Therapy

Simplify insurance billing with AccuPoint. Get paid faster and more efficiently!

Insurance Billing Experts

Let the AccuPoint expert billing team handle everything from claim generation to submission and even follow-up! Forget about dealing with insurance companies and the piles of paperwork.


Maximize Reimbursements

Our expert ABA billing team will help you get paid quickly for submitted claims. Reduce billing errors and inefficiencies that leave your ABA therapy practice’s revenue on the table.

Reclaim your time

No more calling payers, worrying about claims, or having to train another inexperienced biller. Reclaim your time so you can focus on your passion – providing care.


How we improve billing for your ABA therapy practice:

Why our providers love our ABA therapy insurance billing service:

Claim Submissions

Record your appointments and complete your notes. We’ll take care of generating and submitting all your claims. 


Claim Validations

We’ll help ensure your claims are free of simple errors through our software and clearinghouse, which leads to a better chance of approval and payment. 


Claim Rejection & Denials

Whenever there is a claim rejection or denial, your dedicated billing specialist will investigate what went wrong and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


Payment Posting & Reconciliation

We’ll keep track of your insurance billing remittances and post them to your client accounts. Accurate client ledgers, here we come! 


Woman doing aba therapy insurance billing

A dedicated ABA Billing Team:

You can rest easy knowing that a dedicated billing specialist is committed to billing success for your practice. You’ll have regular meetings with your specialist to get updates and address your questions or any issues that may arise.  

What Accupoint 2.0 Offers:

AccuPoint 2.0 has everything you need to run an efficient ABA Therapy practice

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