Data Collection Software for ABA Providers

Are you ready to spend more time with your clients and less time trying to work with a clunky data collection system? It’s time you start using a data collection software made with ABA providers in mind. AccuPoint has joined with Catalyst – the most advanced data collection system for ABA professionals – to create a complete practice management and data collection system just for ABA providers. Get easy access to the tools you need to manage your practice, your employees, your data and the progress of your clients.

Everything You Get with AccuPoint’s Practice Management Software and Data Collection from Catalyst

Scheduling Software for ABA Providers – Track and reconcile authorization units at the touch of a button. See which clients and providers are available for scheduling and make sure no one ever misses an appointment.


Behavioral Health Billing Software – Automatically derive and code billing based on your staff’s session notes. AccuPoint’s system will automatically reconcile payments for you.


Data Collection with Catalyst – Collect skill acquisition data and behavior reduction data.


Data Analysis with Catalyst – Use the most advanced ABA graphing engine in the world and get automatic progress reports.

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